Phyto Beauty - 60 caps

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  • Overview
  • Our herbal formula for Phyto beauty is only use the 100% natural ingredients
  • Detail Information
  • The tuberous root of Pueraria mirifica are traditionally used in northern Thailand as a functional food and herbal medicine for longevity, especially in the regions of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. The earliest records of Pueraria mirifica use date back to the 13th Century AD. In these regions the tuber is used in recipes eaten by the elderly, especially women for the following:


    - Slow aging and maintain youthful energy

    - Skin suppleness and prevent wrinkles

    - Prevent hair greying and encourage hair growth

    - Reduce menopause symptoms

    - Breast firmness and reduce sagging

    - Modern scientific research has confirmed that Pueraria mirifica indeed contains both phytoestrogen isoflavones as well as the uniquely important compound Miroestrol, not found in any other plant or Pueraria species and has an affinity to estrogen binding sites in the body and has a hormone rejuvenating effect even though it contains no estrogen.

    Use recommendation :

    Take 2 capsules per day after breakfast (or one in the morning and one at night). You can feel the changing in about 2 weeks time.

    Remarks :
    As with most herbs, Do not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Not to be taken for 1 week.

    More information plese click the link :

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